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Tulip Compression is engaged in business of natural gas compression and distribution, air pollution control systems & gas engine air fuel ratio controls.

Our vision is to provide technologically advanced solutions that combine performance and environmental responsibility, while constantly striving to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Gas Compression


Tulip Compression aims to grow into one of the largest single window solution provider in natural gas compression industry in country ...

Emission Control


Catalytic converters are globaly accepted as the best available control technology (BACT) for emission control ...

Air Fuel Control


Electronic gas carburetor (EGC) is retrofited in natural gas engines to maintain constant air fuel mixture ...

Product Support


Our maintenance philosophy involves "Intelligence on Duty" by adapting global best maintenance practices ...



The only way to ensure safe, reliable, efficient and economical operations is to monitor them continuously ...

About Us


Tulip Compression maintains an end-to-end portfolio of solutions in natural gas compression and distribution ...